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About Us

Pixotags is a female-founded startup that partners with women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are forging their own entrepreneurial path. To streamline your day-to-day, you can outsource ICT tasks big and small to the pixotags team. We can review your existing infrastructure, streamline your systems for easier use, or simply handle the small tech challenges that come your way.

Tech for Business Owners

Our small team understands the unique challenges of SMEs and solopreneurs. Because we get to know you one-on-one, your goals will always matter.

Ready When You Are

As an Australian tech startup, our team members are highly skilled, upbeat, and ready to respond to your queries no matter how big or small. We are here for you.

Your IT Innovation Partner

With a background in technology, our eyes are always open to new trends so we can recommend easy, efficient solutions that make your day-to-day, better.

everyone has technical needs

A One-Stop-Shop For Your IT Needs

As a small business owner, hobbyist, or seasoned entrepreneur, chances are you’re aware of the many tasks they need to be managed each day. From multitasking to dealing with small emergencies, busy professionals need their ICT systems to work efficiently—and not add to the chaos.

If you’re interested in making business better, feel free to contact our team. We’re a small, female-founded startup that partners with women of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are working on their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Dedicated to making your life easier, we’re happy to discuss your existing challenges and offer creative solutions.

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Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Ease

Identifying your technical needs is the first step to making things easier. As a small business, we know how easy it is to become preoccupied with everyday tasks and put system changes on the back burner.

Have you been feeling too 'in' your business to see what doesn't work? We've all been there. Once we get used to things being done a certain way, it can be easy to overlook inefficiencies and lost time. From staff rostering to invoice delivery, our team is on top of the latest technology trends and can likely recommend a solution to make your life easier.

Not sure where to begin? Feel free to tell us more about the tasks that tie you up or slow you down. From there, our team can work to identify the problem and suggest an efficient ICT solution.

Recognising that not every person is as into tech as we are, we appreciate that system changes can, at first, seem overwhelming. To minimise this, any solutions we suggest or systems we design are always first created through a lens focused on user friendliness and adaptability.

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identifying your technical needs is the first step to making things easy


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We exist to create simple ICT solutions for female entrepreneurs from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
Because being in business can be tough, we work to make it a little easier.

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